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Gateway Connection (advisors)

Gateway Connection (advisor)
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Coronavirus 2020 – Special Resources and Links:

Link to Cambridge Resource Library regarding COVID-19:  

COVID-19 Resources at Cambridge

Online Resources & Links:

FP Magazine: Coronavirus: What Clients and Advisors need to know

Capital Group: Coronavirus Outbreak: What it means for markets Coronavirus relief package would suspend 2020 RMDs:

PDF Resources:

Health Scares PDF

Working From Home Fact Sheet

4 Ways to stay calm

AAM – Cost of Missing Best Market Days

AAM – Perspective on Past Viral Outbreaks

AAM- Markets Bracing for Bone Chilling Economic Data and Government Actions

Why Cooler Heads May Prevail

S&P 500 Market Correction

O’Shares – 1Q2020 – Dividend Strategy

SPECIAL Loans and Lending Information:

CARES ACT for Small Business Chart

Live Oak Bank: Paycheck Protection and Economic Injury Disaster Loans

US Chamber Emergency loan guide

Live Oak Bank – Fast Funding when you need it most

Learning to do business “Virtually”
presented by TruChoice – a resource brought to you in partnership with Gateway

Tips for Running a Virtual Meeting: Digital Engagement –  Webinar 1

Hosting a Group Virtual Event & Tips for Closing Business in a Virtual Meeting: Digital Engagement – Webinar 2

Tablets, iPads, Cell Phones, Oh MY!: Digital Engagement – Webinar 3

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