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Quality Life Plan®

Our “Quality Life Plan“® is more than a traditional financial plan. It’s built to “Take the If out of Life”© allowing you to leave a legacy by design and not by default.

The financial decisions you make can result in stress and worry or bring you confidence and comfort. Having the economic means to live a quality life now is as important as saving for retirement.
We want to help you attain and enjoy a quality life now, as well as in retirement.

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Our Process

Our investment process begins with the belief that market sector and asset class forces influence the greatest portion of an individual securities price movement.

Our Approach

We believe in risk management, as well as return management. It is our core belief that portfolios should be managed with the intent of helping to lessen overall risk. We focus on using strategies that allow for both wealth preservation and wealth accumulation.

Our investment approach is both
top down and bottom up.

It starts with risk analysis that reviews broad market segments, asset classes, and sectors.

The goal is to determine where risk is the greatest (areas we want to avoid) and where risk is the lowest (areas we may be willing to invest).

Portfolio Construction

We select market allocations, and form within it, asset class and sector allocations.

Technical Analysis

Methodology for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume.

Positions and Weights

We utilize stock overlap comparisons, beta ratings, and investment methodologies.

Fundamental Analysis

Methodology to determine the underlying health of a company by examining the business’ core numbers.

While many money managers use either technical analysis or fundamental analysis, very few use both. Fixed income securities are chosen with the same care and attention as stocks or other investment vehicles. At Gateway, we strive to increase total return within the framework of capital preservation and reduced overall risk.

Our Style

We are frequently asked to explain how our investment style differs from that of other money managers. While we can’t comment on the thousands of money managers around the world, it is easy to group most money managers into three distinct styles:


*Asset allocation and diversification strategies cannot guarantee against loss or assure profit in a generally declining market.